Review: Awry


Series: The Archers of Avalon #2

Rating: ★★★★★

I can’t even with these books. Those flashbacks absolutely KILLED ME…


Tristan is honestly the best book boyfriend of EVER. Finally getting the explanation behind the tattoo just shattered my soul, seriously could this guy be any more selfless. And I love Gabriel, I do, but he need to back up a little bit. Especially now that we understand more about the depth of feelings between Tristan and Scarlet (or Scar as he calls her *swoon*) there is honestly no comparison. Although I do find myself loving his love for Scarlet, if that makes any sense??

Nate is such a bae. I so wish that he could have his own spin-off series of just him being funny and awesome. It was so sad seeing what happened to him in the past, poor bby. And Heather is the first best friend in a series that I don’t want to punch or feel is completely useless, I actually like her.

Chelsea Fine has made me an addict of this series, I will be back for more!


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