Review: Asunder


Series: Incarnate Trilogy #2

Rating: ★★★★★


This series is so interesting and completely unique. The style of writing, the world that Meadows builds, the way the characters are written, it’s a wonderful change of pace.

Sometimes I wish Sam wasn’t such a goodie-goodie but that in and of itself is nice considering that the bad boy trope has become very popular as of late. His character is almost vanilla at times, which makes him a nice refresh as far as male leads go. And although Anna can be a bit needy, she too is a more realistic heroine than most that I’ve read so I enjoy the foil of these two together.

These books are such a joy to read because they aren’t overly complicated and although some elements can get a bit creepy (Janan, anyone), the book has a beautiful lyrical quality that just can’t be missed.


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