Review: Catching Fire


Series: The Hunger Games Trilogy #2

Rating: ★★★★★

Catching Fire was by far the most compelling book in this series. Filled with suspense and the most action to date, this book sets itself apart easily from the others.

The arena, for one thing, is much more complex and fleshed out than the last book. Every detail is terrifying and yet it reels you in word by word. This is a place you would never want to be, yet the imagery is unmistakably inviting. I found myself almost sweating when reading certain parts of this book and it was funny to notice that I actually feared for these characters even thought they are fictional.

The addition of new characters was a great plus in this book as well (Finnick being the best, of course) and they added the perfect pairing to Katniss and her constant brooding with Peeta. Many writers sometimes forget that the best way for us readers to get to know their characters isn’t always through internal monologues but through their interactions with other characters.

The development of Peeta and Katniss’s relationship was nice, even though you know that a lot of what they feel is rushed because of their circumstances. Everything between them is still unfolding in a way that still seems natural for them, their personalities so different that you almost think they wouldn’t have gotten together under any other situation than this.

This book brought together the most cohesive plot and the characters got more compelling in a way that had me hopeful for the last installment.


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