Review: Infinite


Series: Incarnate Trilogy #3

Rating: ★★★★★

Would it be weird if I died my hair like that and wore a feather mask forever? Yes!? No!?

Besides being a series that had some of the most stunning and alluring covers I have EVER seen, this series has been as just as magical inside as it is outside. The characters grew and changed with the books, I never felt like the pace lagged or was too fast paced, everything seemed to fit in the plot just like it should.

Of course, that never means there aren’t things I feel the need to nit pick. That tower was one of the creepiest elements of a series I have ever encountered. No offense to The Hunger Games, but I think I would rather end up in a an arena than in Janan’s tower…no thank you. Those parts of the books were the only ones were I visibly (and internally) would cringe over and over.

The ending, oh the ending. I get why it was the way it was but I still wish it would’ve been more classical happy ending. It felt a bit, unfinished. It’s still utterly sweet in its own way, but I felt the emotional weight of the books was lost a little in the end.

Overall this series was so beautiful and I know I will be coming back for return reads later 😉


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