Review: Mockingjay


Series: The Hunger Games Trilogy #3

Rating: ★★★★★

Amazing trilogy, just AMAZING!

The ending could use work, yes. But I still believe, whole heartedly that the author made the right choice in having Katniss be with Peeta. After everything that happened to them those two were not the people they used to be and Gale would not accept that of Katniss, he still wanted her to be the girl from the woods, which she wasn’t anymore. She and Peeta chose each other for who they were and are now, that is true love.

Anyhow, this installment was by far one of the saddest ones, dealing a lot with what happened to Peeta, (and we’re not even going to talk about poor Prim) but in the end I believe that everything was handled the way it should’ve been and I think Collins deserves credit for never shying away from difficult topics.

I loved this series from beginning to end, and although there are some things that I think could be different *cough* Finnick *cough*, if they were the series wouldn’t be the same, great read.


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