Review: Shatter Me


Series: Shatter Me Series #1

Rating: ★★★★★

Where do I start!?

I feel like Juliette Ferrars is the book version of me. I don’t say that often. This is the first time I have ever identified with a character this much.

Juliette is also the most tragic female protagonist I have come across since Katniss. Her story is so bleak. That being said, it’s what makes her so relatable and easy to identify with, at least for me. I liked the fact that she was needy and strong at the same time. Her personality was closer to a real life girl than most female characters (which is ironic considering the fantasy element).

I love the symbolism that’s pervasive throughout the book, all of the imagery that Mafi inserts. Her words just float through the pages like poetry and I’m being such a sucker. I usually am not such a fan of this choppy kind of prose style but for some reason it works in this instance. I think it’s because of the way she’s woven Juliette as a character, and the broken world around her.

Adam and Warner as well are wonderful foils, never have I actually hated and liked a villain so much as Warner before. He’s so wickedly spectacular, he practically vibrates off the page. But Adam is there to balance the bad with the softness, being strong for Juliette and oh he is just so wonderful.

I swear every time I turn the page I keep thinking I’ll find a flaw but all I keep finding is more and more gems that I love.


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