Review: Stone of Tears


Series: Sword of Truth Series #2

Rating: ★★★★★

The first book was fantastic, and this one was no different.

So much happens in Goodkind’s books that it can be hard to keep the entire plot straight at times, but complicated plots aren’t always a bad thing. I enjoyed getting to see the different sides of Richard and Kahlan as they were separated from each other. Although I would always prefer them to be together, the mark of a good author is when I can still enjoy the characters in their own scenes. Heck, I could’ve enjoyed an entire book of just Kahlan and that says something.

Zedd still drives me a little insane, and I could do without his romance with Addie, but rounding out all of the characters is important, and giving them extra side-plot makes sense. Plus, everything tied nicely together in the end. And that baby gar was just the cutest thing ever, is it even possible that I want one now!?

Who knows if I’ll get through this entire series, but I’ve enjoyed immensely what I’ve read so far.


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