Review: The Hunger Games


Series: The Hunger Games Trilogy #1

Rating: ★★★★★

This was a terrifying and fantastic start to this series.

Who wants to send their children to the slaughter? The Hunger Games is quite a humbling and horrible idea, and yet the reason why it’s such a compelling novel is because some of the elements in it seem so close to home. Katniss is such a strong and yet broken protagonist. Peeta is instantly lovable, yet we distrust him because of the way Katniss sees him. And of course Gale is set up as the steady rock in her life, Prim being the only one she truly loves.

Katniss and Peeta quickly become the center of the novel, although a rotation of minor characters play through the background, Haymitch and Cinna the most notable. A romance grows between the two (Peeta and Katniss), even though at this point it still seems to be mostly one-sided.

I thoroughly enjoyed how Collins handled the subject of what happens when you basically send teens off to slaughter each other, this book could have gone so wrong in so many ways, but it went so right. She made sure to show just how terrible The Games were, while having the characters still grow because of them. This series will always be a starting point in the ya dystopian genre, but it’s a great book for so many more reasons.


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