Review: The Revolution of Ivy


Series: Ivy Duology #2

Rating: ★★★★★

I WANT MORE!! It’s so wrong that this is a duology…I can’t even express it to you!

The world outside the fence seems so complex and interesting that I would’ve loved to have seen more of Ivy, Caleb, Ash and Bishop’s time together outside the fence before the whole mess inside Westfall unfolded. Ivy on her own in the beginning seemed a little exaggerated for my taste but survival can make a fighter out of anyone, I guess, and seeing Mark again was just the creepy icing on the creepy cake.

I was so happy when Caleb and Ash showed up, those two were nice additions, and I enjoyed their contrasts to the family Ivy has been used to, the relationships she forged with them were a nice lead in to her growth as her own character before Bishop stepped back into the picture. It took them longer than I expected to get back together, but their reunion and subsequent sexiness was well worth the wait. Their growth is hands down my favorite part of both books.

I was glad that Engel fleshed out Bishop more and didn’t make him seem naive for coming after Ivy but kept him as the patient boy Ivy fell in love with. He became someone who could be strong and confident on his own as well, making him a worthy counterpart for a character like Ivy.

Her character has grown tremendously since the first book, her character development seeming completely natural and organic, melded together through her own experiences alone outside the fence and her interactions with the other characters, I especially thought her relationship with Ash was adorable.

The ending was a little jarring because of the blood and violence, but it was nice to see Ivy finally stand up for herself and for her to realize what is really important to her, and who cares about her…(plus I got a bonus on getting rid of my least favorite character, *happy dance*).

From the first book Ivy was a character I could easily get into the head of, and in the end I was happy to leave her there on the last pages, but if Engel ever wants to write a novella or extra book for this series I would be more than excited to come back! (If she ever writes something from Bishop’s POV I would die of happiness…)


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