Review: Artificial

28682101Series: The Kepler Chronicles #1

Rating: ★★★★★

“What is fear but the worry of physical harm coming to the body? The notion that you will lose something-a person, a thing, your memories, yourself. Does he experience that? Do any of them experience that when they can just be put back together again?”

Gotta love that quote! And there were so many more from this book I wish I could include. It was such a surprise. The plot really got me hooked and although I’m sure people have tried to write ideas like this before, the way the author brought her version to life was just spectacular to me.

Honestly I just really enjoyed the way this author was able to weave such a complex idea so fluidly with the world and characters so that the book flowed almost effortlessly. It was a refreshing change of pace to have a story be thought provoking, fun and gritty while not getting bogged down in too much explanation and ending up being overly long.

McCoy’s characters in this book were just so amazing. Syl spent a good portion of the book beaten, broken and needing to be cared for by other people but she never came across as a weak character. She was strong and independent despite her circumstances and her POV chapters were wonderfully crafted to show the complex nature of putting such a tough woman into an almost helpless situation. And Bastion was wonderful as her companion, trying to overcome what he considered his own flaws as a “Glitch” but feeling compelled to help Syl even though they are so different. The dynamic between the two and the interplay of the alternating POVs (which I don’t usually like) was written so well that you can’t help but fall for this slow-burning romance between them as they get to know each other on a deeper, more personal and meaningful level. (I mean…that piano scene, be still my heart <3)

There were so many things I just really adored about this book, the subtle humor (the bit about processed food and then Smurfs was great), honest, realistic, tough characters, the imaginative universe; I could keep going on and on but I definitely see myself reading the next book in this series and I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for something unique and exciting to add to their reading list.

As a last note, I don’t know if people may want a warning about this book or not, but it does contain what I would consider to be more than usual profanity and some very graphic and gory scenes. Of course, the overall world the characters inhabit is very gruesome so everything the author has included makes sense in context, but I just want everyone to be aware that some of the scenes can be a bit jarring when you read them as this author doesn’t shy away from descriptive language.

*I was given a free copy of this book through NetGalley from Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for an honest review.*


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