Review: Future Shock

29214909Series: Future Shock Series #1

Rating: ★★★★★

Many thanks to Albert Whitman & Company for lending me this ARC to read and review through NetGalley!

Favorite quote opener:

“Sometimes libraries and the books inside them were the only places I felt safe.”

When I first saw the cover of this book, I was immediately drawn in. A strong, Mexican heroine who has tattoos? Sign me up! Of course, most times book covers promise one thing but don’t deliver on any of them. This book delivered.

While I do think that Briggs could’ve included more of Elena’s ethnic background and mannerisms to make her more of an authentic character, she was still a wholly believable and easily relatable voice to carry the story. I’ve read very few YA books that give their female leads tattoos and considering I have them myself it was nice to see a young woman carry much of the story with tattoos while still having a completely rounded out personality. Not portraying her as a crazy Mexican or a dangerous tattooed girl, which are the common stereotypes Briggs manages to make Elena reachable to every reader even though as a character she is very different from the archetype.

I’m glad that Briggs decided to still include a romance even though the story only takes place over a couple days period. Her intensity of writing and the way she weaves the backstories of the characters, makes the relationships in the book seem like they unfold over a much longer period. The relationship between Adam and Elena in particular was one of my favorite parts of this book (origami unicorn…that’s all I’m gonna say 😉. I was able to enjoy the natural sequence of their relationship even though it happened in such a short time. Usually such quick romances are handled very poorly, but this author has definite skill when it comes to her characters.

The pace of this book kept making it hard for me to put it down at breaks during the day. With a mix of Sci-Fi and Thriller, my heart was racing to find out the next move in Elena’s story and just how everything was going to unfold. The future world that Briggs was able to create and interweave with our own was a wonderful treat and honestly, I could seriously see this book as a potential movie.

This book definitely exceeded my expectations and I’m more disappointed that the author won’t be writing more with these characters because they are so fantastic! But I’m glad at least that I got the opportunity to read this book and I know this book is going to become a favorite of mine.

** (6/13/16) I just found out that this book is going to be part of series (🎉YAY) but this review was done when I thought the book was just a standalone.**


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