Review: Red Queen

22328546Series: Red Queen Series #1

Rating: ★★★★

“A lie will raise me up, and one day another lie will bring me down.”

Thanks Evaguel from Goodreads for recommending this book to me, it was a great read! So much happened I don’t even know where to start…

Mare was a wonderful main character, it was nice to see a character that stayed so true to herself throughout the book despite what others were trying to push on her. I do wish though that she would’ve been a little more relenting on believing that some of the Silvers could be worth saving, as her interactions with Lucas near the end were so heartbreaking. That is my only criticism of her character is that she doesn’t seem to be open to the idea of a kind Silver (which in a way makes sense with the HUGE plot twist at the end 😜).

Cal was another character I really enjoyed as I kept trying to ferret out his motives and intentions the entire book and even now I still can’t quite figure him out, which in this case is a good thing because it makes me want to come back for more. And that adorable dancing scene between him and Mare was just too much for my little heart.

As romance goes, I do feel like maybe there are a few too many love interests floating around in this series. Just when I thought Mare had settled on someone, in flies another contender. Cal, Maven and potentially Kilorn are all in the running I think, although by the end we can safely elimate one of those 😎 and the way Mare behaves towards Kilorn could be seen as sisterly in some ways but then sometimes I’m like “girl just kiss him and tell him you love him already” I know he is. I’m definitely rooting for Cal so far, *cough* dance scene *cough*, but I’ll have to keep reading the series to find out how everything pans out.

I’m a big fan of political intrigue and interesting world building around supernatural power structures so I liked all of the time Aveyard spent explaining the houses and the different powers and how they worked. I know some people might find that stuff tedious but it was a nice touch and to me it made the world easier to imagine and really get your mind into.

And of course, I have to mention how amazingly well executed that twist at the end was. I could see partial hints of it if I read between the lines, but that was some seriously good writing there and it’s not often you see a twist like that pulled off well. Not that I wasn’t already hooked, but that turned me into a crazy page flipper just so I could know how insane the last pages of the book were going to get, and man was it a rewarding end. I just hope the next book is as good on the delivery as this one.


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