Review: Romeo and Juliet

577537Rating: ★★★★★

This has been and will always be my favorite piece of literature. I’m not completely sure why, the language is absolutely stunning yes and there is something about the imagery that Shakespeare paints that just draws you in, but I actually think it has to do with the tragic element that I like about the play.

The beauty is in the tragedy as they say. I get why some people might think this work is stupid as Romeo & Juliet only spend three, four days together and then commit mutual suicide. But that’s the tragedy and yet the horrible beauty of it. If their parents hadn’t been separated by war and strife, the two lovers would’ve never been mislead and would’ve never fallen into the situation that caused their lives to end so miserably, but then again, they never might have met either. In my opinion, the story was beautiful because it showed that through all the strife and pain, two young lovers risked everything to have what every young adult wants, security, love and a family, even if it’s with your most hated enemy.


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