Review: Stardust

222063Rating: ★★★★

“He was a gangling creature of potential, a barrel of dynamite waiting for someone or something to light his fuse;”

I decided to re-read this book since it came up in one of my groups. And I still enjoyed it all over again.

I was first introduced to Stardust when the movie came out in 2007 and if I’m honest I actually like the movie plot a little better than the book and they differ significantly, but that’s why I can say I like the book too because they’re almost two different things. Gaiman’s writing is very entertaining and not overly descriptive, but intelligent in a way that still gets all of the important points across so that I’ve never felt lost when reading this book. Even the second time around I enjoyed everything about the world, the humor and the characters.

I still wish the romance between Yvaine and Tristran would’ve been fleshed out more. They only really realize their feelings towards the end and then nothing is developed much before the book comes to a close. There was the potential to expand more on their feelings and I wish that it could’ve happened as I enjoyed their characters immensely the more the book went on. Plus, I felt like the way the book ended was immensely sad in regards to their relationship and Yvaine herself. I know this book wasn’t so much a classic fairytale story but considering everything that happened it would have been nice for the characters to receive a happier ending.

My favorite aspect of this book still has to be the overall world that Gaiman has managed to create in Faerie. I just loved it when parts of the book would go into descriptions of the lore or land, like the Giant who fell into a deep sleep and so the places were named after his body parts. Simple things like that just make for wonderful and imaginative story telling and are great aspects in a fantasy book like this one.

Overall this is still a magnificent read and I’m glad I took the opportunity to read through it again.


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