Review: The Awakening

25521894Series: Emerge Series #1

Rating: ★★★

“I-I was really hoping for something more like, ‘Yer a wizard, Harry.”

I’m so torn over what to say about this book. The concept was really interesting when I first decided I wanted to read it and the whole idea still intrigues me, but now that I’ve finished reading I feel like a great idea has been lost among a sea of good ideas.

My biggest critique with this book is that the characters lacked depth. I couldn’t relate to them as they never seemed to gain personalities or any true sense of what was driving them or what made them who they were in the narrative. The main character Allie came across as shallow to me, and what was supposed to be a triangle between her Aidan and Vince didn’t seem that convincing. Vince barely even appeared in the book and when he did I was more inclined to like him because of his personality and demeanor, which I don’t think was the author’s goal but Aidan was often off-putting and not what I would consider to be a desirable love interest. None of the characters had much true chemistry and their somewhat sadistic behaviors towards each other along with stilted interactions and the lack of explanation within the dialogue and writing just left me feeling like I didn’t know enough about the characters to get invested in them.

This author also seemed to have an affinity for different styles of martial arts, which was a part of the book I actually enjoyed. Reading about different fighting styles and weapons was intriguing, although sometimes I didn’t quite understand why so much time was spent on pieces of information that didn’t relate much to the plot. I often wished the author would’ve just written a book with a martial arts twist since this is obviously an area that they seem to like, but it was a nice part of the book and seemingly well done.

I just wish the author would’ve spent more time developing and really fleshing out the story and not adding in so many extra characters. The idea of Immortals living among mortals is a great concept and her original mythologies in the novel are really cool if they weren’t complicated by her trying to throw in too much at once. Like the fact that God and Jesus would likely not be acknowledged in a world where immortal humans roam the earth. And then throwing Zeus into the mix as well. That was hugely disjointing for me.

Overall, this book was a fast read and enjoyable. While not to my particular reading taste, I am sure that there are some out there who will enjoy it immensely. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an easy read that will take you on an adventure.

*I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.*


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