Review: The Glittering Court

27282167Series: The Glittering Court Series #1

Rating: ★★

***I got this as a sneak peak from NetGalley so I’ve only read the first 148 pages, also this review might contain spoilers.***

I don’t even totally know what to say about this book. Having not read the whole thing I can’t give a complete reaction to it, I can only give my honest opinion on what I’ve read so far.

The plot was just too all over the place for me. I couldn’t quite figure out what aspects Mead wants the reader to focus on at any given point. Is the book more about romance, or the made up religions, or about the friendships….WHO KNOWS!?!? It’s definitely not about fantasy. I’m with everyone else who’s calling that a mislabel. One minute the main character is all swooped up in a serious plot and the next she cares completely about something else unrelated, it was hard to figure out what her driving force is supposed to be.

And speaking of the main character, totally un-relatable. Her personality is so flat and off putting that it just grates on my nerves. She slams on her maid, whose name and opportunity she stole and then goes on to change it from Ada to Adelaide because, and I quote…

“I felt like I deserved it, just as I deserved this opportunity that terrified her.”

Seriously, this girl comes off as such a spoiled brat. She runs away from an arranged marriage, but then is fine when The Glittering Court wants to sell her off to a rich suitor, EXCUSE ME!? She is suspicious of her so-called “friends” and puts down other people for their beliefs and the way they behave but then behaves rudely herself. One of the worst qualities in a character. Honestly I think Mead would’ve been better off making Mira the lead of the book.

I’m not usually too bothered by insta-love in the context of books because if the pace is fast and the writer does it well then it doesn’t really hinder the way the characters develop, but Cedric and Adelaide…erggg. They barely share two words of banter and she’s practically eye doing him when he leaves but then when they speak to each other in later parts of the book she seems all chaste and taken aback by his less formal nature. Plus, with the lack of concrete world building it’s hard to get any idea of the culture and manners in which these two should be operating. The only main vibe I get is some sort of Victorian mixed with Pre-Settled America kind of feeling.

Overall what I’ve read just seems to have a very mixed premise, pretty girls in pretty dresses looking to get husbands. Somewhere in there is a plot about religious tensions and a New World that has yet to be truly explored, but since I haven’t (and probably won’t) read any more than the 148 pages, there’s very little I can tell you about any development or growth in the world or characters.

I’m sure this book will speak to someone, all books have an audience. This one just didn’t reach me particularly.


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