Review: The Other Side of Gravity

27822318Series: Oxygen Series #1

Rating: ★★★

“The loudest voices are often the ones that don’t even know they’re screaming.”

I’m so torn over what to say about this book. I’m going to be totally honest in saying that the main two reasons I wanted to read it were because of the cover and the description. I really did like this book, the concept was what really got me hooked but I feel like I could’ve loved it if some things were different.

For instance, the constant apologizing and damsel-in-distress behavior from the lead female, Sophelia got old pretty quickly. In the end it was hard to buy her as a “savior” when her counterpart Maxton was having to rescue and console her almost constantly it seemed. Plus, I disliked the fact that even after their relationship deepened, the two main characters still seemed to be unable to trust each other and their personalities would flip flop every few chapters. Also, a lot of the things these two say to each other is super cheesy as well, so be forewarned…for instance…

“I’m not…gasping, Maxton. You’re…taking my breath away.”

It’s not to say that some of these quotes aren’t awww inducing and I’ll admit that even I was swooning sometimes, but I did feel like the author might have overplayed her hand with the overly dramatic love language here.

This book did have a problem with being long-winded as well. There were parts where I kept wishing the characters would just get to the point and stop rattling on for pages and pages. Several things were restated when I didn’t think they needed to be and it started to feel like I was in a really long episode of Dawson’s Creek or something.

There were things that I really did enjoy about this book, like the secondary characters, the twins being my favorite! All of their pop culture references were too funny (I almost died when they started talking about Snoop Dog) and Maxton’s family was just adorable. I also really liked the framework of the world that the author created, the ideas of gravity boots, the stacks and censors on the language and behaviors; she was able to weave all of that together really well so that it seemed realistic and enthralling.

Overall this book was an enjoyable read. The author’s language and style is interesting and my hope is that the next book in this series will be as much worth the read as this one.

*I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley from Read Coat PR in exchange for an honest review.*


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