Review: Twilight

93724Series: The Mediator Series #6

Rating: ★★★★★

This series literally owned me in middle school. I haven’t read it for some time now, but having read it so many times then, I remember just how much I loved it.

This last book was a great ender to a wonderful series, but that’s just what it was, an ender. The good and bad thing about this book was that it flowed in a way that let you know what kind of conclusion it was getting to, but that there weren’t going to be many open ends when the book was finished, which is a good thing, right? I personally loved the happy, sappy endingness of it all, but I know that given the overall tone the books could sometimes take, it didn’t necessarily have to end so bubblegum like. I will seriously miss Suze as a main character, she was one of the first strong female POV characters I ever read.

Writing this review now, I know the author is writing a new novella and novel set in the Mediator series, and I’m really excited about that. But even if she hadn’t this still would’ve been a fantastic end to an even more fantastic series. And I’m still hoping for that TV series someday 😉


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