Review: The Labyrinthian Diamond


Title: The Labyrinthian Diamond
Series: The Labyrinthian Trilogy
Author: J.A. Armitage
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery
Links: Goodreads / Amazon

SynopsisThe Labyrinthian Diamond follows Kim and Nate as they try to beat Ezra at his own game. the last thing Kim wants to do is go back down into The Labyrinth but when the money runs out, she is left with no alternative but to go and seek out the one thing she never thought she’d need. In doing so, she finds more than she bargains for in more ways than one. Follow them in this thrilling sequel to The Labyrinthians, full of excitement, peril and finding more than just the way out.

Rating: ★★★★★

“In my waking hours I did everything I could not to think of the horrors beneath us, but at night, when I was asleep, I couldn’t control the nightmares that haunted my sleep.”

You know when you love a book so much it ends up being ridiculously hard to put it down? Well, that was basically me with this book. And it’s probably going to be me with this whole series. When I got the first book “The Labyrinthians” from NetGalley and fell in love with it, I just knew I had to get my hands on the second and third books. It took me longer than I would’ve liked to finally sit down and read this, but I have and I can happily say that it is just as amazing as the first book!

The plots of these books are just so unique, and so wonderfully nerdy! I mean, how many books have you read that feature puzzle solving as their main premise!? But that’s what makes the first book, and this second book so spectacular. I’ll admit I’m always skeptical going into a sequel because writers can sometimes get lax and not keep up the same pacing or the same great details that made me love the first book in a series, but that was not the case here. Everything I loved so much in the first book was only fleshed out more in the second. The rooms of the Labyrinth only became more detailed and more enticing (which is horrible in a way considering they were more deadly this time around too 💀). The puzzles were harder to solve, but I never felt lost once and I still never felt like the book dragged in over explanation. As usual I still wish the books were longer!

I am so happy that Armitage decided to spend more time on Kim and Nate as well. Although their romance didn’t completely overtake the book, I loved having their cute moments interspersed between all the drama of the Labyrinth and they always helped to keep the story grounded in the human element of all the logic and puzzling that was going on.

I also was happy that Kim and Nate didn’t change their personalties from the first book. A lot of times writers will start making their characters change over the course of the books (sometimes for character development, which is fine, other times because they want to change the original path of the character) and they somehow end up ruining a character I really liked in the beginning. But with Kim and Nate, while they did grow and mature as the plot went on, they stayed themselves and it was nice to see more of their personality traits displayed in this book when interacting with other characters besides just each other.

The addition of Dominic and Jenna was a good one, and of course the twist at the end was so well played I almost face-palmed myself for not seeing it beforehand 🤔😲! Those two characters were good foils for Kim and Nate, plus I always like it when supporting characters are added in a way that actually ADDS to the story and isn’t just useless filler. Some of my favorite parts were Kim’s reactions to Jenna as they were so honest and realistic, not to mention hilarious😝.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to “The Labyrinthians”. And you can bet I will be picking up the third book in the trilogy the first free moment I have. This series has become a favorite of mine, no doubt about that!

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