Review: The Labyrinthian Escape


Title: The Labyrinthian Escape
Series: The Labyrinthian Trilogy
Author: J.A. Ermitage
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery
Links: Goodreads / Amazon

SynopsisWith a new house and ever expanding family, Kim finally feels safe, knowing she never has to venture into the Labyrinth ever again but a chance encounter with an antiques dealer makes her realise that The Labyrinth was only the start of the adventure. Following a three hundred year old treasure trail, along with her brothers and best friend, she embarks on her biggest and most dangerous quest yet.  

When an old diary reveals more about her history and that of her ancestors, she realises that The Labyrinth was no more than a copy of the real thing, a maze built three hundred years ago. Built as an innocent quest, the treasure trail soon took a deadly turn with the deaths of three young children. With the help of Nate and her brothers, Kim must overcome, not only the obstacles of the Labyrinth but learning the gruesome truth about her past.

Rating: ★★★★

“You’d think that being locked in a Labyrinth, not once, but twice, would have put her off locked doors for life.”

I am so sad I’ve finished the final book in this amazing trilogy. With the story of Kim, Nate, Elliot and Dominic coming to an end I definitely feel like I wish there were more books so I didn’t have to wrap up such a wonderful story so soon.

This last book was exciting in such a different way than the last two because it was the first time the characters didn’t get pulled back into Ezra’s Labyrinth but into an entirely different sort of treasure hunt, one that was a lot more about self-discovery than trying to escape or save people. I will admit to being slightly disappointed that the Labyrinth wouldn’t be visited again in this book, but after getting into the main plot where the characters were exploring the beautiful house and of course, more amazingly detailed rooms, I couldn’t help but fall in love all over again. Armitage has a unique ability to conjure up incredible images before the mind’s eye that I wouldn’t have even thought possible. Her descriptions are so vivid, but not overly lengthy, and written in such a way that you always feel as if you are part of the treasure hunt yourself, right along with the characters.

This time around the pacing was a little slower and overall the tone of the book was different since the kids weren’t in any danger, unlike the last books, but I still enjoyed it immensely. There was still the impeding pressure from the potential house sale and you get sucked in by the idea of finding the diamond and all of the new history.

The added backstory of the Harlands was wonderful and it was so nice to finally have everything really well explained and laid out so that the inner-connections make sense. I love the dynamic between Kim and Dominic now that we know she and he are twins, their slow bonding as the book progresses is really sweet and I like that they get to spend individual time together. Just the overall family dynamic was a beautiful addition. Taking more time with Tom and Laura and the new baby and seeing how everyone relates to one another was something that the other books couldn’t do with the amount of time needed for the Labyrinth, but this book was perfect for those smaller, quieter moments.

I especially loved all of the little moments (and the one really important moment 😍) between Nate and Kim. Those two have been such central characters since the beginning and showing the subtle but deep progression of their relationship has been one of the best parts of this series. Their moments in the books were usually my favorite ones, and I have to admit that sometimes Nate even out-shined Kim as my favorite character, haha.

The only reason I marked this as a 4 star instead of a 5 like all the others is because of the ending. After getting so engrossed in these books and really coming to love the characters I was hoping for a well-developed and more drawn out ending and to be honest the ending felt rushed to me. While it was still satisfactory, I really wanted to know more about where the characters ended up and just felt like there were details left unfinished.

Very rarely does an entire series hold on to my attention and keep me thinking about it even when I’m not reading it. The Labyrinthians Trilogy has been one of those unique reads that I feel challenges your mind while also being a very fun and enjoyable book to just sit and relax with. I see myself coming back to this series for multiple reads in the future, because that’s the thing with mysteries, there’s always something new to discover!

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