Review: July Thunder

Series: Bad Bloods #3
Release Date: April 10, 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Links: Goodreads / Amazon

Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Violet has been called many things: a bad blood, a survivor, an immortal…now she has a new name—citizen. But adjusting to a lawful life is not easy, especially when she must live under the rule of the same officers who justified the killings of her flock only eight months earlier.

Segregation of bad bloods and humans is still in effect, and rebellious Violet steps into a school where she is not allowed. When the police get involved, things deteriorate quickly, sparking a new revolution at the wall separating the Highlands from the outskirts.

That’s when Caleb steps in. He might appear to be an average sixteen-year-old bad blood, but he has secrets, and Violet is determined to figure them out. Caleb knows who’s attacking the wall and why, but his true identity remains a mystery—and how he relates to Violet could shake the threatened city to its very core.

Together or not, a storm will form, a rally will start, and shocking truths will be revealed.

Rating: ★★★★☆


* I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review *

“Every tragedy went much deeper than the surface sadness.”

I have to say it’s been wonderful journeying back into the lives of the Bad Bloods with this book. I would like to thank Miss Thompson for inviting me once again to review her book, coming back to these characters and this setting has been an emotional, thrilling ride and I enjoyed every page turning second of it!

My favorite thing about Thompson’s writing is her ability to really flesh out the characters without spelling everything out exactly. She leaves just enough mystery for the characters to still be interesting and her lyrical language really helps with that. Her books are completely character driven. I said that in my review of the first book in the series, I think. To understand how the story comes together you have to understand that these books are all about family and the love these characters share for each other. Truthfully the reader is also left feeling like an outsider looking in on something special, you get to know the characters more as they discover themselves, which is really an awesome thing to have in a reading adventure and as writer is a great accomplishment to create.

When I finished the last duology in this series Violet was a character I was interested in getting to know more about. I’m so glad that one of the main POVs in this duology is from her. She is such a complicated character and her powers are so undeniably interesting and frightening. This book just added to the wonderful mystery that is her character. Even after all that is revealed in this book there is still so much more I want to know.

Caleb was a wonderful POV character as well, although I do feel I’ve got some warming up to do when it comes to him. I did like that he and Violet are in many ways so different and yet so alike. The unfolding of their relationship was so interesting, I’m not sure if it’s completely romantic in nature, although I’m sure that is probably were it’s going to go. I could’ve done without his weird romantic tension with Kat and Kuthun. I thought his playful banter with Kat and his brotherly/confidant relationship with Kuthun were fine without the tension, it felt unnecessary. I also didn’t really like the job he had in the book but I get that people have to do some horrible things to survive sometimes, although I don’t know why he wouldn’t be trying harder to escape it, especially after what Nuo inadvertently revealed about her life there (and she’s a character I’d love to have a duology about). I did really enjoy the twist regarding Caleb at the end though, I’m excited to see how that and his other “predicament” resolve in the next book I’m sure the author has a really good solution up her sleeve. I think I’ve still got some warming up to do when it comes to his character.

I was also happy to see the return of old characters from the last duology this time around although I did feel very bad for Daniel as I felt he was getting the short end of the stick a lot. He’s just trying to help everyone but sometimes goes about it the wrong way and it was sad to see Violet and Caleb be so against him. He was my favorite character in the last duology so I’m a little over protective with him haha. And I wished there were more of Serena and her sisters as well, I liked getting to know Serah but it was sad almost to see that she and Serena aren’t as close as I thought they might be. Also I’m still scrabbling every time Robert is mentioned as I want so badly for him to come back.

This book definitely had more interesting Bad Blood abilities than the last duology in my opinion as well. Frankie’s ability was my favorite, if only everyone had that ability the world would surely be a better place. I couldn’t fully wrap my head around Nuo’s ability, but the gist of it gave me serious chills. I admire Thompson for coming up with so many different abilities and the complexities behind them along with fitting the characters personalities to match.

Moving the plot forward towards a new political movement was a smart idea and I like that the book moves along at a steady pace. Everything that happened made sense and nothing felt rushed or out of place. I ended up finishing the book in one day because I simply couldn’t put it down!

Overall another fantastic addition to the Bad Bloods series and a marvelous start to a new duology. Wonderful writing, captivating characters and a story that will reel you in until the last page, these Bad Bloods may have a tendency of breaking the rules, but their stories are way too good not to read.

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