Review: July Lightning

Series: Bad Bloods #4
Release Date: May 01, 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Links: Goodreads / Amazon

Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Caleb has been called many things: a patient, a musician, even a prostitute…now he has a new name—son. After his identity is uncovered, Caleb bands together with the family he once rejected in order to save the city of Vendona. But it won’t be easy. Enemies wait around every corner—and so do harsh realities. With Violet and Kuthun by his side though, nothing seems impossible. As Vendona sits on the verge of an economic collapse and a massive hurricane threatens the city, Violet and Caleb must show its citizens how to overcome decades of hostility and division to save themselves.

Standing or not, a sea will rage, a wall may fall, and all will depend on immortal pain and sacrifice.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


* I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review *

“But once said, words lingered in the air, in the heart, in the very memories we wanted to forget.”

Unfortunately what happened in the first duology set where I didn’t like the first book but loved the second didn’t happen with this second duology. Actually the reverse happened. Now this book wasn’t horrible, but it just didn’t deliver what I was hoping from the first book.

One of the things I’ve always liked from Thompson is her use of lyrical or poetic language when it comes to the descriptions of the Bad Bloods powers and abilities. Since we can’t see or experience them it helps to understand them better through the things we can experience here. But in this second book I felt like the language almost went too far, delving more into the purple prose realm. Sometimes this isn’t a bad thing and what the characters are doing can still be understood, but unfortunately I ended up having a lot of trouble grasping what was really going on with the settings and what exactly was happening at different points in the book.

This was especially a problem with Violet. In the first book of this duology she was such an exciting mystery and I was looking forward to learning more about her in this second book, but by then end I was left feeling more confused about her than ever. Her character didn’t feel resolved at all, if anything I felt despair towards her ultimate ending.

This was true for most of the characters as well, their endings just didn’t feel satisfying. Like I stated in the last review, I wasn’t really interested in the relationship between Kuthun and Caleb and somehow their relationship turned into a love triangle/threesome with Violet which only made it more complicated and tragic in the end. Caleb truly felt mostly useless the entire book, he couldn’t do much of anything compared to the Bad Bloods and so I felt like his character was more filler, which made no sense since he was supposed to be a main character. Serah’s fate was very sad considering she was such a bright character to begin with. And *spoiler* after discovering that Robert had been dead from a shot in the back and buried in an unmarked grave, I just feel so disappointed that more wasn’t explored with him.

I know it seems like there are a lot of things I didn’t like about this book but there were several things I did like as well. I was glad that Daniel and Serena returned to their old selves and were featured a little more near the end. And although I wished there would’ve been more of Adam and Catelyn I was happy to see the little bit there was. In the end the characters from the old duology still shined the brightest. Although I wouldn’t have minded more of sweet little Plato and honorable Frankie. And even though the overall plot didn’t speak to me this time around I was still impressed with how well everything connected together in the end.

I do want to mention that I really loved the covers for this duology, they are so stunning! And I liked how Thompson chose to stick with the weather theming for the titles, it really helps to tie the series as a whole.

As I’ve said before I’m a lover of happy endings and the Bad Blood series is definitely more for the lovers of the bittersweet ending. I still think Thompson’s writing is great and if she puts out more duologies in the Bad Bloods series I’m sure I’ll want to read them, sometimes things just don’t turn out as you would hope. Overall this book was a heart ripping, head twisting journey and I’m glad I got to experience it.

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