Seeking Feedback from Book Blog Readers!!


Calling all book blog readers! Whether you’re a reader of my reviews or not I’ve got a few questions I’ve been meaning to post on this blog for awhile. My reading has dropped off as of late (life, ugh) but I’m going to be picking up here soon and would like to get some of these questions answered if I can before I start back up again. Comment below with your answers to the questions, I don’t care if they’re long, I want to know! Or if you really want to let me know you can just go to my Contact Page and submit your answers there, up to you! Feel free to answer as many or as few as you like 😊


  1. What type of review do you like the most?
  • Reviews full of gifs
  • Long reviews without spoilers
  • Long reviews that discuss what the reviewer liked/disliked about the book including spoilers and specific moments from the book
  • Short and sweet reviews
  • Funny reviews
  • Serious reviews
  • A combination of these?

I want your honest opinions, while I can’t really change my style I’ve always been curious what readers like the most and I kind of just fell into the way I’ve been writing. I’d love to try new styles if readers would enjoy something different.

2. Do you like book blogs that also have a bookstagram?

  • I won’t do twitter or Facebook but Bookstagram is interesting and I’m just curious how much this influences readers of blogs.

3. Does it matter to you if the blogger reads from multiple genres?

4. What are some of your favorite things to see in a review?

  • You can free-form this one. Do you like it when the reviewer makes jokes or squeals over a certain boy in a book that you like too? Or maybe you like it when the reviewer mentions how this book is like other books or how the book relates to real life struggles? Whatever makes you want to read book reviews, tell me under this one.

5. If you could pick one thing that would draw you to a book blog what would it be?

  • Again, you could pick anything. Is it the blogger posting about popular books that you want to read? Posting photos of your favorite book? The blogger sharing your aesthetic? Just let me know.

6. Any last notes you have about what you would like to see on book blogs and what you don’t want to see.

  • This one is optional but as always, I would appreciate many opinions!

Thanks so much to everyone who goes through this and comments, it means a lot to me!!



One thought on “Seeking Feedback from Book Blog Readers!!

  1. Hi! Im a book blogger too. I personally like long reviews which are spoiler free and discuss all pros and cons of a book but also have gifs just for a bit of fun.
    I like blogs which have a bookstagram but I don’t see that as a priority. The blog to me is what matters more.
    I usually prefer a blog with posts of only one genre as I follow a blog depending on whether they read the same genre as me, as that way I get more books on my TBR list which are books I may like. However multiple genres don’t bother me much as I don’t mind reading about a book of a different genre as well, who knows, I might find it interesting!
    My Favourite thing about reviews is usually when things are well discussed and both the good and the bad is clearly differentiated and thoroughly talked about. I love a bit of humor, it makes the review more fun, and I love it when there’s a bit of fangirling as well.
    Usually the type of books is what draws me to a book blog. If the books the writer reads are similar to my taste, I immediately check out the blog to see if they share the same opinion as me.
    That’s about all I Guess! Would love it if you could check out my blog as well and give me some feedback, I write book reviews too!


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