Why, hello there! My name is Taylor and you’ve probably stumbled on this blog because you love books, well that’s great because I do too!

I’m a 23 year old Florida girl who watches way too many cartoons for an adult (Scooby Doo and Kim Possible are my faves, let’s discuss😎) and Walt Disney World is practically my second home. Oh and as you can see I like using emojis…a lot.

The book/play I contribute to starting my truly deep appreciation of literature is Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, and the love of his works continues to this day. Now though I mostly absorb myself in Young Adult fiction and anything Fantasy I can get my hands on, I’m more than happy to try something new if it looks like it’ll light those imagination sparks 🤓!

I want this blog and my Goodreads to be a fun place for everyone to look around and find their next great read as well a forum for us to just share our love for books, whether they be hardback, paperback, or on a digital device 📖.

So thank you to everyone who comes here and likes my content or leaves me a sweet message, the greatest thing we all can do is be kind to one another and promote our shared interests and talents 😘.

✝ Many Blessings from your humble babbler,

Taylor 💜

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