Content Scale

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of books that I felt had a lot of what I would consider unnecessarily profane material. Material that could’ve been excluded from the book and the book would’ve been just fine. But in reading these books it has helped me discover what I am looking for in my own reads, cleaner material. Books that I can read and not have to see cursing every few pages or overt sex or gory violence. Now of course, within book context some of these things make sense. That’s why I’ve decided to start adding a Content Scale to the end of all my reviews.

Now of course, this is all coming from my point-of-view and my view is based off of being a Christian and seeing certain things that make me uncomfortable and knowing that other readers who share my views may not want to experience these things in their novels as well. I do read non-Christian books, and I love all kinds of fiction, but there are some books I never would’ve read if I had known about their content before-hand. But I don’t ever want to judge a book unfairly so I’ve set up this system so people can understand where I’m coming from. Below is the entire Content Scale and all levels explained in as much detail as I can muster. If anyone has any questions feel free to send me a message on my contact page anytime. Thank you for your understanding and I hope this helps us all find good reads for us to enjoy.

Content I am rating:

All content is included in a short to medium paragraph at the end of my review. I will judge the content based within the context, setting and plot of the book.

  • Sexual Content: When I talk about this it means kissing, actual sexual acts or allusions to sexual acts.
  • Violence: This means scenes where someone is beaten or attacked or anything having to do with weapons, war etc.
  • Gore: This means anything describing death, blood, disease, guts, etc.
  • Profanity: This means if there is any crude speech in the book like curse words, blasphemous speech, etc.

Content Scale:


This is the most basic of all the ratings. It means that, to me, the book is clean and most anyone can read it in my opinion. I will still put warnings is I believe there are any, but I felt completely comfortable reading this book myself.


  • Mild Caution: This book deserves a mild warning but nothing too serious. I got through the book and there were a couple things that bothered me but nothing that really made me want to put it away or talk about it too much. I will put those things in the small paragraph so that others know why I put the warning.
  • Medium Caution: This book was a little more on the serious side and there were scenes that likely bothered me enough to really notice. They will probably have their own space in the paragraph.
  • High Caution: This book definitely had things that bothered me and things that I know will bother others. I make a point to note them in the paragraph at the end of my review and might even put an age warning depending on the content.


This rating means that I consider this book highly trigger worthy. I would describe whatever content I noted in the book to be inflammatory in the paragraph as well as a note that only mature readers should even attempt to read this book.

Last Note:

I hope these explanations have helped you understand my Content Scale on this blog and again if you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me. And also keep in mind that since I have just recently launched this scale I may still be tweaking it from time to time, thank you for your patience.